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The paintings and 2.5D animation works shown here were largely created for past projects -- presented here purely to show the level of execution for the twelve intended animated mural scenes of this event.  That said, the works "Aequilibrium", "Adamas" and "Light Bringer"  do possess aspects that  contain some the essential messages that will be portrayed in this magnificent event; such as, the battle between dark and light.

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BELOW: The development of The Messengers had been long underway by the time the current world situation started bringing truth to a head like no other time in history -- which has only strengthened the initial vision of this altruistic world-touring exhibit.  The current work-in-progress below, with its working title of "Aequilibrium",  portrays  the balancing forces of Love and Good that are integral to restoring the balance of longtime Draconian rule over Humanity. 

This piece ironically forms the ancient Chi (Yin-Yang) symbol that depicts the balance of light and dark that are natural forces in the experience of dualism.


BELOW: A detail portion of "Aequilibrium".  This epic-scale work is slated to be completed by late September 2020.


BELOW: Another work-in-progress entitled "Rhiannon" ... also slated to be completed by late September 2020.


BELOW: A detail portion of a large study for one possible scene in this exhibit of the human odyssey.   Call it "Light Bringer"  for now.


BELOW: An example of a dynamic background scene - which would be animated along with all other elements in these murals.


BELOW: Another work-in-progress entitled "Between Two Worlds" ... which depicts Persephone at the juncture between the worlds of light and dark.  This too is slated to be completed by late September 2020.  And as described above, is purely shown here to exemplify the quality of execution and Classical style envisioned for this series of animated works.


BELOW: Another study for this project entitled "Adamas".  Here again, while this image denotes the inception point of humanity into this sojourn on earth it may not ultimately be the final scene chosen.


BELOW: A facsimile scene of the intended size of the murals for The Messengers  event.  Headphones would be provided for viewers to have individual control of the narration with background music that accompanies each of the twelve scenes.

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